online Complain Registration System

Gujarat Nagarpalika Online Complaint Portal

Developing this portal is an our heartly try to provide one common platform to all nagarpalika of Gujarat and all citizens of Gujarat to maintain their civil complaints. To use this portal for complaint registration, concern nagarpalika should be registered in this portal. Citizen of registered nagarplika can complaint to his nagarpalika using this portal. Concern nagarpalika can also manage complaint though this portal.

Features of Portal

  • Providing Common Platform for all Citizens of all Nagarpalika of Gujarat.
  • Citizens can complain 24 X 7.
  • Uniformity will be created throughout Gujarat State for Nagarpalika Citizens.
  • Citizens can download all useful documents from one place.
  • This Portal will become online desk for Nagarpalika Administration.
  • Best service providing to Citizens and Nagarpalika at lower cost.

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