Software Maintenance/ Technical Support

Positive Technical support means happy client. Many companies are very adequate for their product and marketing but they fall down because of their poor support. While for Hindus Software technical support is as precious as developing a new product. We believe that Good technical support means successful deployments, increased adoption, consumption of your products and customer satisfaction.

To give best service to our client new technologies are utilized for 24X7 technical support. Our client can communicate directly to our developers for their queries. We have developed technical support online on this site. Client can register his complaint 24X7. Within a few moment related technical person contact the client and reply him satisfactory. To give best service we use mail system, message system, send them supportive tools. We also take special visit if required. Sometimes it happens that some clients not require at least a single technical support even though we take visit at their door step during a year.

Our Technical Support

  • We understand our clients’ queries.
  • Clients can easily contact us.
  • Long term experienced technical team.
  • 24X7 technical supports to client.
  • Online complaint registration is preferred not only for better support but also to manage complain both for client and our team.
  • SMS is send to end users and higher authority at client side during technical support.
  • Service detail can be analysed by client in our website.
  • We restate the queries of client until we can’t get him in some situation.