SoftwareDevelopmentHindus Software has pervasive expertise in developing software systems for enterprise products using different technologies. Our product development heritage of 15+ years, ability to innovate, and deep technology experience are the key reasons for all our successful service. We have betrothal running over many years with enterprise software vendors. Our technology expertise and understanding of business domains make us a valuable partner of our customers.

Our teams of experts help you create the next generation of software offerings, cutting costs and shortening new product time-to-market while ensuring higher quality, more new features per release and greater innovation.

Recent Projects

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Point of Sale
  • Online Payment integration with Payment Gateway
  • Nagarpalika Complaint Management Portal (For all citizens and all Nagarpalika of Gujarat)
  • Face recognition System
  • Barcode System

Our Consistent Softwares

  • Areabased property tax Management System
  • Accounting system
  • Profession Tax Management System
  • Birth Death Registration System
  • Marriage Registration System
  • Grant and Loan System
  • PF Ledger
  • Proceeding System
  • Shop and Establishment
  • Food License System
  • Other fees collection system
  • Deposits and Advenges Management system

And many more beyond the expectations of Nagarpalika.