Areabased Property Tax Assessment System

Areabased property tax assessment system is customized software for nagarpalika, which is used to collect and manage property tax of citizens. We have more than 30 nagarpalika clients who take advantage of this software. This software serves nagarpalika by following features.

  • User can manage property detail.
  • Can prepare year wise bills of a single property and also in bulk properties.
  • Tax collection is very adequate and also multiple users can collect tax at a time in high speed.
  • Multiple receipts against a single property can be collected.
  • Citizen can pay tax in advance also.
  • Rebate and Interest can be calculated automatically.
  • Variant searches available to find the detail.
  • Histories of properties are available.
  • All required reports are available.
  • Reporting to government reports are also there.

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